Enrollment is open for the 

2023-2024 academic year

What is the tuition per year

For those paying full tuition upfront:

Grades K-5

Prior to March 15 (by check or money order only)-$8200;  or (by credit card)-$8610

After March 15 (by check or money order only)-$8400;  or (by credit card)-$8820

Grades 6-12

Prior to March 15 (by check or money order only)-$9300;  or (by credit card)-$9765

After March 15 (by check or money order only)-$9500;  or (by credit card)-$9975

Other Fees

There is a non-refundable Application Fee of $175, payable through our website.

Fine Art elective course supply fee of $75 per course, payable by check.

The tuition covers student enrollment in four year-long core academic coursesmath, science, English (language arts) and History (social studies), plus one elective.  In addition, students receive weekly instruction and coaching in our proprietary emotional intelligence (EQ) program.  

The remainder of the courses offered address a potpourri of additional State requirements for electives at the high school level such as world languages, fine arts, personal finance, and wellness.

There is no provision for reduced tuition should a student elect not to take the full academic load of 5 courses for students up through grade 11 (junior year of high school). However, an exception may be made in certain instances for students who are seniors in high school (12thgraders) who choose to be in a “dual enrollment” program at a local college.  Seniors who are dual-enrolled will be charged a per course fee. 

When and how can I register my children?

You can apply online through our website.  Applications will be processed in the order received until classes begin in August.  The non-refundable application fee of $175 is due at the time of application. 

Upon receipt of the online application, we will email you to set up the family interview, which will take place at our campus at a mutually convenient time.  

What if I have never homeschooled before?

Our courses are structured in such a way that students should be able to work independently to complete their home assignments; however, some students (especially the younger ones) may require assistance from the parents.   In our model, parents are not expected to do any teaching, although we encourage parental involvement.  

What curriculum do you use?

Ironwood hires Instructors with masters level degrees or higher and who are experienced teachers.  For the most part, we allow the teachers to select the curriculum most suitable for their courses.  Our mandate is that they must meet and exceed State standards in each subject.  Many of our teachers use primary source materials and select from a wide variety of robust resources to convey the concepts in their classrooms.  We also have proprietary curricula and syllabi developed exclusively for Ironwood Academy.  We do not purchase just one "canned" curriculum that is used across the board because we have found that many of those commercially-offered "homeschool" or "Christian" program materials do not meet State standards.  

What is the size of each class?

Maximum size for each class is 12 students, and we strive for a minimum of 5 students per class to make it feasible for the instructor to effectively teach the material.  If fewer than 5 students enroll in a course, we reserve the right to cancel the course. Whenever more than 15 students have enrolled in a course, we will create another section of that course to make sure the class size stays under 12 students.

What are the days and hours?

Core academic classes will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Hours are 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.  

Certain electives and a la carte enrichment classes, such as art and robotics are offered on Wednesday's schedule between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm as well.

 Specific course starting and ending times will be posted once we finalize the Master Schedule. 

Do I need to enroll in an umbrella program? 

Yes. Each family will need to enroll their child in one of the many umbrella programs that exist in Tennessee prior to classes starting in August. Ironwood Academy does not specifically endorse or recommend umbrella programs. Additional information on umbrella programs may be found through the Middle Tennessee Home Educators Association (MTHEA) at their website, www.mthea.org.

Do families have to re-apply for admission every year?

Yes.  Families are eligible to automatically re-enroll each year if they meet certain criteria.  We use a Re-Enrollment Rubric to make an objective assessment as to whether or not a student should be able to continue at the tutorial.  The Rubric considers the student’s academic achievement, parental involvement, attendance, compliance with policies and a demonstrated understanding of our mission, vision and values. 

Do you offer scholarships or financial aid?

At this time, we do not offer scholarships or financial aid. 

Do I sign a financial contract?

Yes. Once a student has been formally accepted (via email letter), a deposit of $800 is due within 5 days and no later than May 1st. That $800 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit will hold a spot in all of the classes that your student has requested. The deposit will be credited to your overall account balance, but it will not be refunded if your student does not remain enrolled in our program.  If a particular class is full, your student will be placed on a waitlist until a spot opens up. 

Do you accept students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs)?

Ironwood Academy is neither equipped nor designed to provide any of the special accommodations that students may have received under an IEP from a previous school (which may have included special tests, assistance from Instructors during test-taking, additional time to complete assignments, etc.)  All students receive the same class instruction and assistance from the faculty at Ironwood Academy and are expected to function capably within the classroom and to work independently at home.  However, we celebrate the individuality of every child and we recognize that not everyone learns in the same manner.  Our job is to creatively connect to a student’s learning style, to meet them wherever they are on their growth path, and to help them continue their educational journey at an optimal pace. Assistance can also be provided by the parents outside the classroom in the form of hiring supplemental tutors at the parents’ expense and under their direction and guidance.