Angie's story 

[My two kids] have made great friends and are seriously more rounded and happy than they have ever been. AND - they love being home three days a week to complete their studies in the comfort of our home, where pressures and conflicts of middle-school are non-existent. 

If you have a child that struggles with fitting in the "box" of school....Ironwood may be your answer as well. Let me say this however.....workload can be challenging since it IS "college prep". But, we weren't looking for "easy"! We were looking for "a place to thrive-academically as well as personally" for our children. We have found these very things at Ironwood. 

My kids are learning SO much more, I believe, than they would be in public school. They get their instruction, two days a week, from Master's educated teachers that are experts in teaching their subjects! 

My Ian comes home so interested in areas of history and science-- school has actually become fun again! All credit is to be given to the top notch instruction he receives from the Ironwood staff. And what a breath of fresh air for teachers to be able to teach subjects like they should be taught! Not teach to "a test"...(cough "state testing" cough)... 

This homeschool tutorial has been a life-changing experience for my Emma, and ultimately....for our family! She has thrived for the first time in her whole school life in this setting. I've seen her blossom, not only academically....but, most importantly....in her self-esteem throughout this year! It has been beautiful to watch. We have truly experienced every avenue of school since Emma was in kindergarten. From two private schools, to homeschool to public school! We've (she) has experienced it all. 

While each school experience has brought some sort of positive to our lives (great friends as well as great teachers)...Ironwood surpasses them all-- and is a match for what she needs on many levels. She has, for the first time in her life, felt filled-up and empowered from school....instead of beat down and discouraged. She comes home with a smile, instead of tears. She comes home with positive experiences with friends, instead of complaining of being isolated and made to feel "different" or "out of place".  Ironwood has truly been an answer to prayer.

Becky's story

If you are homeschooling or considering it, I’d like to share our story with you. 

I pulled my daughter out of a public middle school, 6 weeks into her 5th grade year.  We had planned to give the local middle school a try, despite its bad reputation.  We quickly learned that is was not a good fit for our daughter.  So we made the bold and scary choice to try homeschooling.  We did it on our own for 5th grade, using a comprehensive online curriculum. My daughter had a very hard time distinguishing the line between mom and teacher, which made my constructive criticism of her work harder to swallow. 

If you’re already homeschooling or considering it and want your child to be challenged and inspired, I encourage you to check out Ironwood Academy.