Calling all adventurers! Get ready for a week packed with fun, exciting discovery learning and play. Each week’s unique theme will be explored through hands-on projects and daily activities to stimulate the imagination and pique the curiosity of all to foster life-long learning and engagement.

All Camp Curiosity sessions run M-F, 9am-3pm, $175

Before care and after care available for an additional cost.

June 6-10: Super Science Sleuths

Join us on a science discovery mission! We will explore the world of science through experiments and investigation. This camp will enhance STEM education philosophies through hands-on learning and games drenched in fun. Physics, biology, chemistry, geology, astronomy and zoology will all be covered in the camp.

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June 13-17: Budding Builders

Calling all inventors, creators, builders and designers! Come build some awesome creations with us! We will create our own designs and make structures using recyclable materials, building blocks and many other interesting items. Skills necessary...none! Skills gained: communication, problem solving, reasoning, developing creativity, and team work.

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June 20-24: Adventures at Sea

Do you hear the ocean calling your name? Dive into the deep blue sea and embark upon an amazing adventure to learn all about the mysteries the many oceans of the world conceal. Investigate the lost city of Atlantis, create a coral reef, learn about the mysterious squid, plus write and perform your own nautical tale of wonder. Adventure awaits!

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July 11-15: Zany Zoologists

We are going on a safari around the world! Meet a sloth from the rainforest, roar with the Africa lion, and bundle up to visit the penguins in Antarctica. Learn about the different biomes of the world and the amazing creatures who call them home. Grab your passport and binoculars and don’t delay!

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July 18-22: Superhero Academy

Let's all live the dream of becoming superheroes. Create your own unique superhero identity, backstory, logo, and outfit. Learn engineering skills as we plan a future hideout, design helpful gadgets, and explore the science behind powers like flight, night vision, and magnetism. Enjoy superhero games, competitions, and missions as we create the best hero squad around!

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July 25-29: Around the World

Pack your bags and get ready! We will see the world, taste the world, and hear the world. Marvel at London Bridge while making your own scale model. Learn to make fettuccini alfredo while studying the magnificent art of Venice, Florence, and Rome. Cruise over Greece to swoon over the Parthenon and write your own Greek myth. Taste test sushi, learn martial arts, and craft your own Chinese lantern. Let's toss around a boomerang through Australia and much, much more. The sky is the limit as we take an adventure-filled trip around the world!

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Experts and novices welcome! Whether you have a passion for a specific hobby or want to experience it for the first time, these specialty camps will provide you with the perfect opportunity to hone your unique skill set and develop a life-long creative outlet. Challenge yourself to try something new!

All Specialty Camp sessions run M-F, 9am-3pm, $175

Before care and after care available for an additional cost.

June 6-10: Daydream Art and Creativity Camp

Daydreamer’s needed! Let’s turn an idea imagined on a Monday into a finished product you can present to your friends and family on Friday. Write, shoot, and edit a live-action short film. Write and illustrate a short story or comic book. Write and perform a piece of poetry or compose an original song. Let us help you get those creative juices following and channeled into creating a work of art you can be proud to share.

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June 13-17: Last Kids on Earth Survival Camp

Want to make sure you have the skills necessary to survive on your own? Join us to learn valuable survival skills including navigation, fire and shelter, first aid, outdoor cooking, and much more. Investigate the utility of tools and gain an understanding of knot tying, knife safety and use, water purification, and how to react in an emergency. Campers will work together to face exciting scenarios and learn to conquer any challenge Mother Nature throws their way!

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June 20-24: STEM-tastic Camp

Whether you are passionate about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) or just want to see what it’s all about, join us and learn creative problem solving skills, teamwork, persistence, and follow-through. Campers will enjoy hands-on activities, experiments, projects, and games to help them understand science concepts while having fun. Design, build, and test paper airplanes, marble roller coasters, and Lego Mindstorm robots. Learn about chemistry in the kitchen, engineering in nature, and electricity all around us. Curious kids only!

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July 11-15: E-Sports in Real Life + Backyard Games

Gamers ... Come out from behind those screens and adapt your favorite E-Sports games to the real world. Flex your creative Minecraft knowledge and immerse yourself in a world of building, creating, and exploring. Engage your Clash of Clans battle expertise and build real life fortifications and defenses. Test your Plants vs Zombies horticulture skills in developing new and improved protections for your home and loved ones in the event of a zombie apocalypse. With friends by your side and no longer video conferenced in, let’s play Five Nights at Freddies, Among Us, Fortnite, and any other E-Sport game you enjoy offline together.

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July 18-22: Naturalist Bootcamp

Calling all explorers! Connect with nature and the world around us through hands-on activities, cooperative games, crafts, scavenger hunts, songs, stories, experiments, and investigations. Learn about birds, insects, plants, and animals in our area and around the world. Become a 'super sleuth' as you uncover the wonders of the natural world and observe nature up close with binoculars, magnifying glasses, and microscopes. Join us for a week of wonder, discovery, science, and silliness!

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July 25-29: Percy Jackson vs. Harry Potter

Can't decide between Camp Halfblood and Hogwarts for your summer escape. Not sure if you are a demigod or a wizard. Why not join us for a week as and experience both to see which one suits you better. Campers will learn potions and spells, make their own wand, attend Quidditch practices, and care for magical creatures. Come investigate the physics and fantasy behind flight, as well as the genetics and evolution of fantastic beasts. Experience the rebirth of Greek gods and goddesses in the here and now and learn the skills necessary to defeat the monsters and enemies trying to destroy them on epic quests to test your demigod battle skills. A week full of mysteries and challenges awaits you!

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Camp Details:

~ Weekly camps run Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 3:00

~ Weekly Cost: $175 per camp

~ Before care beginning at 8:00 am available for $5 per day

~ After care extending until 5:00 pm available for $10 per day

~ One-time $25 registration fee per camper

~ Open to all local area students

Questions? Email: